Rates and terms


As each project is unique with a variety of factors in play.

These include:

  • Size of the project

  • Content required

  • Associated risks or permissions required dependant on the location

Therefore we prefer to provide tailored quotes after a short discussion surrounding your needs. We then check out satellite imagery of your area combined with aero-nautical charts to highlight any hazards or permissions required.

Drone Services Pricing UK

Travel Expenses

Dependent on the location of the job, if we are travelling large distances or require accommodation, this may be billed to the client. Although this will be dependent on the location and how it may affect other projects, though all this will be agreed with the client beforehand.

Booking & Deposit

We are happy to undertake last minute jobs, so long as we have enough time to perform our pre-flight checks, surveys and risk assessments to make sure the job can be completely safely whilst adhering to all CAA regulations. When booking in advance, these projects will take priority with a 35% deposit required to secure the booking paid in advance, unless agreed via prior discussion.

Following completion of any required tasks and upon delivery of the final agreed and accepted content, our payment terms are within 30 days, unless a different period is agreed via prior discussion.

Availability, Cancellations, Postponements & Weather

Any drone services are naturally affected by the weather. This can heavily affect our ability to work in certain locations on certain dates. If we are required to reschedule a flight date which is agreed with the client, we will move any deposits paid to cover that date.

If we are unable to fly on a date where we are unable to reschedule, something we usually know in advance, we will discuss the cancellation policy taking into account any works completed up until said date to come to a fair and reasonable compromise for us both

If a job is cancelled due to other issues within two weeks, and is not rescheduled to another date the deposit will not be refunded unless agreed via prior discussion, as our cancellation period for pre-arranged bookings is two weeks.

Drone 360 Vision Policy

Copyright and Usage

Here at Drone 360 Vision we are extremely proud of any work we undertake. As such we reserve the right to use any content we create for our own promotional purposes, on our website, social media and internal streams. If you wish to buyout the full copyright for the footage, please discuss this with us and we will arrange everything. If you wish to share any content with other third parties via a sale or for their own promotional use, this needs to be agreed with Drone 360 Vision beforehand unless you buyout the full copyright.

If you have any queries or issues with any of the above terms, please feel free to speak to us, all enquires will also be treated with the strictest confidence.



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