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August 13, 2018by Joshua Dickinso0

Data provided by drones is extremely useful. You might be thinking that a drone can just provide photo and video footage from inaccessible places. We want to tell you that integrated drones can give you far more than that. In fact, integrated drone data programs can transform how you manage an alternative energy business.

Everyone has seen the wind and solar farms popping up all over the country

Farmers have realised that harvesting the sun’s energy is a very smart way of augmenting income and also very good for the planet. The summer of 2018 was a bumper year for sunlight hours. Who knows what next year will bring?

Wind Farm - Drone 360 Vision
Wind Farm – Drones provide cheaper, safer & more feasible inspection alternatives to traditional techniques

Although wind energy is more controversial it appears to be here to stay

Anyone who has ever seen a wind turbine blade on the ground will know what massive structures they are. Obviously they are relatively new but standing out in all weathers it doesn’t take long for damage and wear to affect performance.

Many wind turbines are sited in difficult sites

Intelligent drones can not only capture data about the condition of a wind turbine or solar panel it will save thousands of pounds in terms of time taken and reporting quality. Those photos and videos are one thing but what happens next is the most exciting aspect of this new integrated technology system.

What’s so inspiring about these new integrated drones is data is pretty spot on

Tests have been run between manual data collection and integrated drone inspection. Drone data is almost 100% accurate and achieved in double quick time. Imagine how long it would take a team to inspect a whole site – probably a couple of days.

Solar Farm captured by Drone 360 Vision Team
Solar Farm – Drones provide a platform for live feed thermal data, reducing the time from diagnostics to repair.

Not only this but drones are capable of getting super close up images

It’s likely these would be hazardous and expensive to capture by conventional means. Detailed images of defects or potential maintenance issues can be carried out indoors and at times to suit the team. Close up and detailed images give an excellent opportunity to predict future problems and run a very proactive rather than reactive approach to maintenance and repairs.

A drone can provide imagery that allows teams to understand whether potential defects are structural or just surface

It’s not difficult to see the money saving opportunities in this approach. It also makes a significant difference to company efficiency savings too. Drones are capable of capturing turbine images, poles, towers from any angle a company needs. However good maintenance teams might be the health and safety issues that would need consideration to achieve similar results would be prohibitive. By using a drone you can say ‘no operative was harmed in the making of this video’!

Solar Farm - Drone 360 Vision
Solar Farm – We can inspect, assess and diagnose, whilst harnessing the data, contact us today to discuss how we can help you reduce operation costs and increase output.

What benefits do drones provide over conventional techniques?

Solar panels and other solar applications often cover acres of ground. It can be incredibly time-consuming to inspect them manually. A drone can utilise thermal imaging to see just what maintenance needs to be undertaken. They can even spot sub module defects very easily. Often they spot things manual inspections can miss. Just imagine what positive improvement that could make to any company involved with solar panel or wind farms.

Not only are the inspections run efficiently, quickly and economically the data provided can be transformational

Asset managers can be more effective in their decision-making. Remember if it’s measured it’s managed and this seems highly appropriate in this instance. When managers can decide on proactive repair schedules rather than having to respond to an emergency, money can be saved. There is not last minute phoning around for transport or paying additional out-of-hours charges. Maintenance budgets can be streamlined and also downtime pared back to a minimum.

Even at the construction stage site plans can be overlaid with construction progress

Therefore it is simple to assess progress in line with specification. It is much easier to assess shading on a solar site by allowing a drone to fly the area.

This is just the beginning

If you would like to know more about Drone 360 Vision’s capabilities then do check out our services pages. If you have a question or would like to discuss your specific industry need we would be happy to assist. Contact us here or call 07392968197.

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