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At Drone 360 Vision, we provide professional aerial filming and photography services.

Are your drone pilots qualified?

Yes – All of our pilots are NQE qualified and CAA certified with a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) which is the industry standard for commercial drone pilots

Is your drone company and pilots insured?

Yes – we have full commercial insurance and up to 10 Million pounds public liability if required with a base level of 1 million pounds

Where can you fly a drone for commercial purposes?

CAA regulation stipulates we cannot fly within 50 Metres of any structure, person or vessel outside of our control, so if working in urban areas we may be required to get permission from neighbouring properties or businesses and must also be wary off public roads or walkways, also most city councils have varying bylaws regarding drone use near council land which we can find out for you if working in new areas, we also are not allowed to fly within 150 metres of open air assemblies where more than 1000 people are attending without a special permission, if you require services for such an event we can organise all of the appropriate applications for you

Why should I use drone services?

Drones offer a wide array of creative and practical benefits, from giving customers a new and unique persepctive, to cutting down times and costs associated with traditional techniques used in roof inspections and surveying for example, there are numerous benefits, check out our service pages to find out more

How safe are your drones?

Our drones are equipped with the latest technology and software, whilst boasting a variety of sensors to keep it stable in the air and 5 direction obstacle avoidance to assist during flight

At what times are you allowed to fly drones?

We have a CAA approved night rating that allows us to fly any time day or night

Can you fly drones in windy conditions or bad weather?

We can fly in winds of up to 22mph, and can fly during light rain, but anything heavier will compromise the quality of the footage and disrupt the camera lens

Can you fly drones indoors?

Yes, we can fly indoors, though this will be dependent on the size and space within the building and we can also equip propeller guards for extra safety but the dynamics are different, also we will lose GPS positioning but have vast experience flying in fully manual (atti) flight mode

How far can you fly drones? How high can you fly drones?

We are required to fly no further than 500 metres horizontally and 400 feet vertically of our pilots position if we can maintain visual line of site (VLOS), to fly further than this if required we will either have to apply for a non-standard flight approval (NSF) to allow us to go further or relocate the pilot and drone which is extremely quick and easy to do

How long can you fly drones for?

Each of our drone batteries allow for 30 minute flight time, however we have multiple batteries at our disposal and can charge these on the go if required, though in most cases clear planning on what each flights purpose is reduces the need and costs associated with long hours of flight

Do you hire out drones?

Unfortunately we do not hire out our drones solely, if you require a drone then you must also hire a Drone 360 Vision pilot to accompany and pilot the drone

Can I see what the drone sees?

Yes, we have a live feed from the drone’s camera so you will be able to see exactly what the drone is seeing in the moment and can direct our pilot if required

Do you work outside of the UK?

Yes, we are more than happy to take our services outside of the UK if required and can gain appropriate insurance for said country, also the UK’s CAA legislation is viewed as one of the most comprehensive worldwide so gaining permission from other countries partner associations is usually relatively easy as long we maintain our UK standards and take into account any legislative differences

How much do your drone services cost?

Our prices vary dependant on numerous factors including, how big the project is, what equipment or software may be required, what permissions we may need to complete it, and whether or not you require post editing on any footage or shots, please visit our rates & terms page to find out more

What formats do you offer finished drone films in?

We can accommodate our work into a wide variety of formats to suit your needs, whether you require full size raw files or compressed smaller files, we can convert any works completed to suit your specific requirements into file formats dependant on the purpose required

Do you require payment in advance?

Yes, we require a 35% deposit on any agreed quote paid in advance to secure the booking and date

I have a project in mind, which isn’t listed under your services; can I still work with you?

Yes, we love taking on new opportunities, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project

Can you edit the content for me after you capture it?

Yes, if you require us to edit on content captured, we can do this for you and save it into a appropriate file format to suit your needs


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