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Drone 360 Vision Consultancy

Drone 360 Vision Consultancy can provide a range of consultancy services to suit your business needs, whether you’re considering hiring an in- house pilot, or building a small team of them, through an internal drone division. We provide recommendations on the most effective equipment and software to suit your needs moving forwards.

We can also help with regards to your hiring practises to make sure only the best pilots come through your doors with the appropriate licenses, training and experience and test them if needed to make sure they are up to the mark and qualified to work for your company.

We are also up to date on all legislation, required documentation and logs to operate as a drone pilot. Therefore we can give recommendations regarding what national qualified entities (NQE’s) may best suit your specific needs. If you plan on training your own pilots from scratch we can assist. This is dependant on what operations your pilot will be conducting and whether or not they will need permission to fly during night hours.

Enthusiast training

Drone 360 Vision can also provide training for hobbyist drone pilots or enthusiasts, whether you use your drone for fun, or plan on using it commercially later down the line, come and learn from a pilot with all the appropriate training, licenses, insurance and experience. This will assure you never get caught flying somewhere you shouldn’t and know all the required legislation.

We can also show you the best industry software’s available whilst providing first-hand experience across them all to find the one which suit you and your needs best, while giving you a range of tips and tricks and how best to use your drone and any accompanying software to avoid any mishaps and give you the confidence to fly your drone with ease.

We are also licensed to fly during night hours, so if this is something you wish to learn in a safe and accommodating environment we can teach you how to safely fly drone during night hours where most of the safety features are disabled or only work minimally.


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