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Drone 360 Vision offer full aerial inspection services. By using our in-house drone equipment and software we are able to access hard to reach or even dangerous places, replacing the need for traditional inspection methods and negating the worry for HSE, “working at height” health and safety regulations.

We are able to carry out inspection across a wide array of structures and land including but not limited to:

  • Property
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Historical structures
  • Dangerous property or structures
  • Grounds for maintenance
  • Agricultural land
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Wind turbines

We can provide a series of either high-resolution images or 4k Video for any hard to reach areas. On the other hand you can monitor the footage whilst in flight and direct our pilot to the spots required for inspection in real time. All content provided by Drone 360 Vision can be zoomed in on to reveal even the smallest of areas for inspection. All of this is tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked and can be delivered to you either via the cloud or on a memory stick.

Drones are beginning to be recognised as the first point for inspection on any hard to reach structural repairs. Using a drone for the initial inspection provides a quick and accurate turn around. This allows you to plan any repairs moving forward with precision. You can also minimize the amount of time it takes to undertake repairs by quickly having us deploy a drone to find and highlight issues. This means you proceed with repairing damages whilst minimizing costs.

Although regulation restricts us to flying a maximum radius of 500 Metres horizontally from the pilot, and 400 feet vertically, if working on a larger site, redeploying to another location is extremely quick and easy. This allows us to get back up as quickly as possible. We also have permission from the CAA to fly during night hours. Therefore whether your issues arise day or night, we are able to accommodate your needs and get you back on your feet

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