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Drones provide a cost effective, safe and quick alternative to traditional surveying techniques.We use drones to cover vast areas and reach previously hard to reach areas to capture a series of images. Once the images of a specific site have been obtained we can provide a number of different data deliverables to fulfil your needs. It means you can use these at your disposal to make more informed, evidence based decisions.

Our fleet of drones can be utilised to produce detailed 2D & 3D models, take measurements of a location and perform volume calculations of a specific building or landmass. Our 3D models can also be broken down and exported as point clouds in a range of formats for use in a variety of architectural software’s.

Further to this, data and images acquired from aerial imagery can help layer and plot data onto existing maps and models. Photogrammetry can also be adopted to produce topographic surveys and contour maps. This provides a level of detail that is unobtainable over such vast areas using ground-based equipment.

Drone mapping can help facilitate the planning of a construction project whilst mitigating the associated risks. Volume calculations can help determine the amount of materials which is required to be excavated from a specific area. We also provide visuals as an aid for planning, reducing the need for more onsite checks which can help:

  • Improve the delivery time of projects
  • Utilise and pre-empt the use of materials
  • Ensure all safety expectations and regulations are being met and surpassed.
Drone 3d Mapping Services UK

Below is an example of how our photogrammetry techniques & software can be used to provide a range of different measurable & visuals to help you and your business needs

Image data points

Here is an image showcasing the depth of image processing data acquired from using our drones. Data is harnessed through photogrammetry techniques, where images are taken at a range of angles and heights.
Image data points
Area measurement

Area measurement

One of the valuable deliverables photogrammetry provides through aerial methods is the ability to measure a specific area, regardless of size. The image below shows a highlighted area, using our software we have determined that this area is, 3.417 acres.

Distance Measurement

We can also establish distances between two points or more. Here is an image that showcases this. We have determined that the horizontal distance is 414.4 feet and the vertical distance is 178.46 feet. This technique is Ideal for site preparation, grounds planning, and mapping out areas prior to operations.
Distance Measurement

New photogrammetry techniques

New photogrammetry techniques using the latest drones provide the tools to create detailed, 3D models. A 3D model is an interactive, adaptive technique to showcase a particular area or structure.

Benefits of using drones for photogrammetry and associated deliverables

  • Drones provide the platform to acquire accurate data, quickly.
  • Larger areas can be covered, where traditional methods prevent the acquisition of such data as it’s unviable, due to the associated cost and time, including equipment and overheads.
  • The flexibility and sophistication of drone systems have overcome the inability for traditional techniques to scan hard to reach areas.



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